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Step 1 :

1. Books

Anatomy - High Yield Gross Anatomy, High Yield Histology, High Yield Neuroanatomy, high Yield Embryology

Physiology BRS Physio

Biochemistry - Lippincott

Pharmacology Lippincott

Pathology BRS Patho

Microbiology - Jawetz review

Behavioral Science BRS Behavioral Science

Questions Board Simulator Series BSS(Excellent)

Certain CDs are doing the rounds they are good.

2. Compass (Arc Ventures) Videocassette and review course:

Good. Significant investment of time and money. Let your own preferences make the final decision.


Step 2

Books :

Medicine Current Medical diagnosis and Treatment

Surgery NMS Surgery or

BRS Surgery + BRS Surgical specialties


Pediatrics ?

Psychiatry BRS Psychiatry

Questions Pre Test Series, Appleton and Lange, The Kaplan Question  Book for step 2 (new)

As for step 1, there are certain question bank CDs doing the rounds, these are highly recommended.