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Details of the Project
Take a test!
Monetary Matters
Technical Details
Present Contributors


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What is this KUPPP thing anyway?

The KUPPP (Kemates Unlimited PGCET Practice Program) is meant to provide an endless and NON-REPETITIVE supply of online practice tests for the PG entrance exams in India.


KUPPP as of now, is just a "proposal". If YOU don't like the idea, it will never be implemented. We personally think it is an excellent thing for us KEMites to collaborate on, but then it is our idea and we might be a bit partial towards it....

The idea first came to us when we were practicing for our GRE tests. Without the unlimited and random supply of computer based tests, it would have been simply impossible to study for the GRE.
It is strange then that such a database of tests/questions does not exist for the entrance exams in India. Such a test/database would enable a person to practice his memory repeatedly and help him/her to identify the subjects which he needs to work at. A  record of the students progress (as in the Kaplan GRE CD, if you have seen it...) would also help him/her a lot.

Some might consider this program to be more show than substance, more about style than being of any real utility.
Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have at anytime practiced for the GRE using a random computer based test, you would know that such tests are unbelievably beneficial in practicing for the real test. This project, and the resulting computer program, shall DEFINITELY benefit those who participate in it.



HEY!!! I'm a Junior!! I'm not interested in this....

Leave aside the fact that you are going to give the CET sooner or later. See the "monetary matters" section to see how you can benefit people other than medical students by this project.

If you think that just because you are a junior you cannot contribute anything to the project, then you are quite mistaken. Each of the sections in the test will have to be entered into the test by persons who are in touch with that subject. Therefore, for example, it would be best if the questions in the biochemistry section are entered by persons in the second year, the pharmacology questions by persons in the third year and so on.


To know more :

See the How it works section to know more about the working details of the project.

Take the Online test right NOW and see how well you do in it.

See the Contributions section to see why we cannot complete this project on our own and how you will contribute to the project

See the When? section to know why the project is not in working condition yet.

See the Monetary matters section to know the financial aspects (such as they are...) of the project.

See the Technical details section only if you are interested in how the program is being made.

See the Present Contributors section to see the persons who are currently working on the project.