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Why hasn't this project been started yet???

There are two reasons:

1) Programming: All the programming hasn't been done yet. Note that the test that is currently online in NOT a random test, i.e.. the questions do NOT change every time you take the test.

2) Contributions: Secondly, and much more importantly, we are not sure if other share our unqualified enthusiasm for the project.
We personally feel that it would be a marvelous thing for all of us to be contributing to. The program thus created would benefit people giving the PG-CET tremendously. Having given the GRE, we KNOW how much difference the availability of such tests makes to the final score.

A more unapparent benefit of this project has been detailed in the "Monetary Matters" section.
In short, the project could end up giving monetary donations to the "Poor patients fund" in KEM.



If you are enthusiastic about the project, or even if you are unsure about it, please enter your email below. We will send you a mail to ask you a few questions about the project. Please do reply to it promptly:

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EMail :

In addition, please show your enthusiasm (or lack of it..) by voting on this fortnight's poll on the main page.