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Dr. Chetan Wasekar :
( Graduating batch of 2000 )

Type 3-4A, Tata Housing Colony, Chembur, Bombay - 400074, Maharashtra State, INDIA. Email: Phone no: 91-022-5543125

8th April 1978, Male, Unmarried

My sole objective:
MS in Health Informatics to embark on a research career in future.


Educational Institute and Qualifications
1995 to 2001 Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas [G.S.] Medical College - the teaching wing of King Edward Memorial Hospital i.e. [K.E.M.H.] - one of the top 10 Indian medical Colleges Bombay, India
Degree :
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S)

Subjects Covered:
1) Clinical :
Preventive and Social Medicine including Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Internal Medicine, Radiology, General Surgery, Dermatology, Venereal Disease, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology& E.N.T., Gynaecology & Obstetrics.
2) Non - Clinical:
Anatomy including dissections, genetics, histology and embryology, Theoretical and experimental Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Forensic Science & Pathology.
3) Clinical Internship Rotations :
1] Internal Medicine 4] Preventive and Social Medicine [Public Health] 2] General Surgery 5] Elective - General Surgery 3] Gynecology - Obstetrics

College presentations:
1] ‘Tendons & Ligaments have no ‘attachments’” [Anatomy]
2] ‘Structural & Functional Organization of the Spinal Cord’ - [Physiology]
3] ‘Cervical Carcinoma - Management principles’ -[Gynecology]
4] Case study: ‘Algorithm for clinical evaluation of a lump in abdomen’ [Surgery]


Computing Work Experience:
a. TATA Institute of Social Sciences i.e. T.I.S.S. :
July 2001 to August 2001 Assistant for Database structure and Query application design for a primary health center at Vashi, New-Bombay using MS-ACCESS platform.
b. Intellectual Properties International Pvt. Ltd.:
Part-time since Sep 2001 Working as a Medical Softwares Design Consultant on projects such as Digital drug index, Electronic Medical Records & Hospital Information systems.
c. Current Projects:
Designing a decision-support system for clinical interpretation of Laboratory Investigations. [Cardio + Hepatic Modules] Computer Skills


Formal Course Work in computers:
a. C/C++. [Object Oriented Programming] Jul 2001 To Sep 2001 - College level course done at “Informatics Education” - Bombay, franchisee of “Informatics Hoardings”, Singapore. - Included project on file-handling methods in C++ for using a medical ward as an example and data-encryption by ASCII character conversion. - Exam to be held in December 2001.
b. ORACLE8i - SQL - VISUAL BASIC6 Sep 2001 to Dec 2001 - Currently enrolled at “TATA InfoTech Education” - an ISO9001 certified teaching private firm. - Includes Web based database Management
c. Will be completing certificate courses in Networking before fall 2002.
*] Self - Learning:
a. MS-DOS d. WINDOWS - 98 b. MS-OFFICE 2000 e. HTML c. UNIX-Basics f. QBASIC programming


Extra Reading,Awards and Activity:

A. Reading:
1] ‘The Essence of Expert Systems’ - Keith Darlington [2000 edition]
2] ‘Computerizing Healthcare Information’ - Michael Davis [1994 edition]
3] ‘Medical Informatics - the essentials’ - F T de Dombal [1996 edition]
4] Journals: JAMA, Lancet, BMJ: [work-place subscriptions]

B. Awards :
1) DR R.G DHAYAGUDE MEMORIAL FIRST PRIZE in Anatomical Drawing held in college on 22nd January 1996.
2.] Recommended for the “Best Intern Award - year 2000” at College.

C. Extracurricular Activities:
1] Section Editor for ‘Medical Informatics’ - career section at - the students site for King Edward Memorial Hospital.
2] Attended training course in Occupational & Environmental Health conducted by the Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development [ESID]
3] Contributor of mnemonics at
4] Organised the blood donation drive at college on world health day 2000.
5] Volunteer for Pulse Polio Immunisation - Year 2000-01
6] Represented my college in Pulse-’97: All India medical College student-meet
7] Yoga-meditation self practise through reading.
8] Hobbies: playing the Electronic synthesiser, Tabla and computer programming


Memberships Teaching Experience, Brainbench Certifications, Prospective Employment In near future :
1] The Indian Medical Informatics Association [IMIA]
2] E-GROUPS: [Medical Informatics e-forum]
3] The British Council Library Held numerous X-RAY tutorials and bedside clinics for my juniors in medical wards during internship.
Transcript ID #: 3268915 []
Master in Medical Terminology [98th percentile]
4) May work as a Research Assistant at the TATA Institute of Social Sciences for building a Medical Information System as a part of the M.H.S.D.P. [Maharashtra Health System Development Project] - In December ’01 end or January ’02.