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Sorry for the long loading time of this page... Just felt that this page deserved a better (if slower loading) banner than most... :) .Of course, all these wallpapers on the page don't help either...
You can contribute to this page by sending your wallpapers by email to :)

Instructions :   Click on the wallpaper you like. A new window will open and the full wallpaper will show up in all it's glory. Right click on the enlarged wallpaper. From the "drop-down" menu that appears, select "Save Picture as.."
Now specify where you would like the picture to be stored, change the name if you want to, and you're done :).
You can now change your wallpaper in the usual way ( i.e. RIGHT click on the desktop, go to settings. Then go to "Background" .Click on  the "Browse..." button and specify the location where you downloaded the picture.
Voila! You've got yourself a stupendous looking wallpaper on your desktop! :)



GSMC/KEM wallpapers:
Right now, just one wallpaper is available. The logo is a bit blurry, but its worth the download:

Please be patient and wait for the full image to load! :)

As we had mentioned in the email we sent you ( If we haven't please send us a line at , the image is available in both animated and non-animated versions.
Even though the animated version will take around 8 minutes to download, we heartily recommend it. In the animated version, the lightning streaks move across your desktop in real time (like in the thumbnail above), while in the non-animated version, the streaks just stand still.

Your choice :

Animated version !  ( 1.2 MB approx 8 min)

Non-Animated version ( 70 KB approx 45 sec )


Medicine related wallpapers :
Don't go looking around for Wallpapers with the Kerb's cycle on them... These are just wallpapers that are remotely related to medicine, and which are, above all, ...umm... for want of a more appropriate word, extremely cool...



My favorites:
What can I say? I am a die-hard computer gamer...
By the way, the Vampire hiding in the shadows is highly recommended.. kind of scares you on a  lonely night... and makes your mom freak out... guaranteed...