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We are urgently in need of more contributors to the site, especially people who can keep the current affairs section e.g. MUHS, movies, and happenings sections updated. Although we are as of now putting in a lot of effort to keep this site upto date, without YOUR contributions, the site is bound to be a failure.
Individual one-off contributions to any of the sections e.g new notes for the notes section are accepted and very welcome. The contributor's name may or may not be mentioned as per his/her preference.

Incisive essays about current affairs or short descriptions of  the recent developments in a particular subject (e.g. treatment of asthma) or recent surprising medical discoveries are very welcome and shall be given a prime place on the home page itself (i.e. the page that appears to all the viewers when they log on to the site)

Submissions may be emailed to  or written in the messageboard/ feedback sections (the articles will be transferred to the main page later..)

Annual budget of the site :

Rs. 700 (Needed for domain name registration, shared equally by Oncogen and Mukesh)


Webmaster , Web designer:
Oncogen (Dr. Siddharth D. Kharkar) 
(Please don't send me messages saying it should be oncogene... I don't say bad things about your name do I?  :) ... I'm just kidding...)
Email : 

Co - Webmaster :

Dr. Mukesh D. Sharma.

Section Editors / Builders :

1) MessageBoard:
Maintained by the users. The moderator is Oncogen. 


2)Chat :
Moderators currently are Oncogen and Mukesh. We are on the lookout for more moderators.


3)Career :

Section editor : Oncogen. 
Email :


Section Editor : Dr. Dhruv Kazi
Email : 


Section Editor : Urgently required.


Section Editor : Dr. Nikhil S. Patkar 

Biomedical Engineering:

Section Editor : Oncogen

Pharmacology :

Section Editor : Required

Medical informatics :

Section Editor : Dr. Chetan Wasekar 

Public Health :

Section Editor : Dr. Ruma Bhagat. ?


Maintained by the users. The post of editor is available.


 An editor for this section is URGENTLY required. An individual with an acerbic tongue would be highly preferred. All the reviews need not be written by the section editor himself/herself. He/ She can also take the help of his/her friends provided due credit is given to their contribution.
If you are interested in taking charge of this section, kindly contact or


6)Links :  
Currently  maintained by Oncogen. Users of the site are urged to send the addresses of sites they like along with a short review. If included, the contributors will be given due credit for the same.


7) Hiking / Recreation:
The section editors are Dr. Rohit Divekar and Dr.Nikhil Patkar. If you would like to contribute to this section by sending descriptions of interesting places/hikes you have been to, please email anyone of them ( or )


8) News and Current affairs:

The section is maintained by Dr. Roopa Nishi . Please contact for contributing to this section. All contributions to this and all other sections of the site shall be clearly credited to the contributor of the article. 


9) Book Reviews:
Currently maintained by Oncogen. Please send your book reviews to .If you think we are being too pompous in thinking that we are worthy of writing book reviews, please read our article :

"Who the hell do we think we are to be writing book reviews?!?!?!?"
(Click on the line above to go to the article)


none ... :)