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Love ke liye


Most persons I know of like to watch movies. Most persons I know of read the rating of a movie and skip the rest of it.. This page is meant for those in the minority...

Please submit some reviews yourself. Even though I am awfully fond of watching movies, I am also awfully fond of my mother who would drive me out of the house if I tried to watch all of them.
Please Email your reviews to me at or  go to the feedback section and send your reviews to me from there...

HEY! I CANNOT DO ALL OF THIS ALONE! I know most of you are shy, but I am sure none of you would mind seeing your name in print on the page...heh?
And I'm sorry for the gaudy red banner of this page.. will change it when I get the time.... :)

Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.

Rating 2.5 / 5

Not a stupendously bad movie... In fact it is so ordinary that I got bored midway while writing the review..

Click on the image to read the full review... On second thought, don't read it. Just trust me and don't watch the movie



    Review written by : Mukesh D. Sharma

     Rating :  This review has not been put up yet.. sorry.. The review shall be posted within a few days.




Yaadein :

    Review written by : Kunal Sehgal ( 1998 batch )

   Rating : 2/5