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Notes & Reference


This section consists of two parts :

1) Notes and Reference material :
Contains mainly reference material e.g The RNTCP guide published by the Govt. of India.
We alsp hope to include a collection of note for students in the 1/2 and 3rd years, however, currently the number of such notes is very low. We heartily encourage the visitors of this site to contribute their own notes to the site, for which they will be given due credit.

Kindly click on the image below to go to the notes / reference section :


2) Medical software:
The greatest and best software searched from around the net. Some of the software is pretty large, but as it turns out, the larger software e.g.. the emergency management software for (p.s don't be put off by the name.. its  a really good piece of software) is the better of the lot.

Please click on the image below to go to this section :