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What follows is a list of all the places you can find the study materials l have mentioned in the "Study tips" section, as well as some other websites which don't quite fit in the "links" section

1) Purohit Classes :  You can get the GRE CDs from here at quite cheap rates.. if you know what I am talking about...

Phone no. 8377269 / 8237779
Address : I have forgotten the exact address. It is in a building very close to the Andheri station, on the east side of town.

By the way, if you know of any similar persons  (especially on the central railway line), please let me know so that I can post it on the page.


2) Crossword : The bookshop at Mahalaxmi. It has a great collection of books on the GRE. It was the only place I was able to locate  a copy of Kaplan's which ,if you have read the study section , you know  I consider the bible for the GRE.

Address : Crossword, 1st floor, Mahalaxmi chambers, beside the Mahalxmi temple.

They also have a very nice book called "30 days to the GRE" or something like that... I forgot to write about it in the "Study tips" section. Its a very small yellow book, about the size of "Reader's digest", but it's very very good. Make it a point to at least go through it.

By the way, they don't mind if you read the books for a looooooooooooong time on the premises. I often do that, though I always make it a point to buy a book for every book I read.


3) : Download the free math test from the GRE section. If you like it, you could also buy the rest of the tests.