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Who the..
Doubt and Certainty
God of small things


Hmmm... Actually even we realize we might be overestimating our own importance in starting a "Book review" section on the site. 
If you feel we are being too pompous in having a go at such a section, please read the article : 
"Who the hell do we think we are to be writing book reviews?!?!?!!!?"
  before mailing us your favorite obscenities. 

Of course, you are entitled to your opinions too, and I am sure you have your own opinions about the books you have read.. Furthermore, as I said to one particular girl (before she stopped talking to me that is.. wish she would talk to me again.. but... Ahem.. that's a different matter altogether...), book reading is an expensive hobby and even though I  love reading books, I can't read all of them myself.

To be brutally curt, the point I am trying to make is : Please, please oh please for the love of God contribute some reviews to the site... mail them to me at


Doubt and Certainty : 

Review written by : Oncogen
Book Rating : 5/5

This is probably one of the books that I am most unworthy of writing a review about. It is an introductory text to philosophy as it applies to science.
This is a very well written book which makes plausible and rational arguments about what science exactly is and whether it underlies nature or just approximates it. It debates topics like "How did we get here?" and "Why do things happen?"

If you are the kind of person who thinks that science will eventually explain everything, you ought to read this book. To read the full review, kindly click on the image.

God of small things :

Review written by : Roopa Nishi ( 1995 batch)
Rating : 4/5

The famous Booker prize-winning novel as reviewed by Roopa, who is obviously mesmerized by it.

An excerpt from the review : "If depressing books can make you feel the way this one does, I would like to read them all my life."

Please click on the image to view the full review.