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Peb Fort
Peth Fort



Hiking is an integral part of the extracurricular activities of a typical GScite/KEMite. It is not only the students who are  interested in hiking. Many of the professors ( Notable ones include Dr. A.N. Supe , Dr. Parulekar and Dr. D.R. Karnad ) are avid hikers too.

Hiking teams from KEM have scaled almost every peak in Maharastra, including the highest, Mt.Kalsubai.

It is usually the Biochemistry department (and the evergreen Dr. "U-D" ) who introduces the newcomers at KEM to hiking. The inaugural or "grand-jun" hike takes place usually in the monsoons at the start of the academic year, when the juniors hardly know each other. The liking generally grows from here, and by the time that some people graduate from KEM, they are literally addicted to hiking.

Rohit Divekar and Nikhil Patkar are two such addicts. (In fact, I was guilty of spreading a rumor around college that Nikhil had a large collection of huge stones hidden under his hostel bed...). Quite fittingly, they are the section editors of the hiking section in KEMates too. Other people who would like to contribute to the site, or make additions/corrections to the descriptions, may contact them at or .

All the descriptions of the hikes here are first hand. Each description includes instructions for getting to the place, and a list of things to see once you are there, as well as a large number of photos. We hope that the information contained in this section will be helpful for organizing future hikes, both by the hiking department itself, as well as independent hikes by groups of friends who (as Rohit and Nikhil are) might be addicted to hiking and may find the official hikes organized by the dept. to be very few in number, or lacking in challenge.

Please click on the hike you would like to know more about in the left navigation bar.

- Oncogen