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Applying for the test is extremely simple. As I mentioned earlier, no unnecessary documentation is required. ETS couldn't care less if you were a dog roaming in the streets of Parel as long as you are what you say you are. In other words, no proof of educational qualification is required, the only proofs required are those of identity.

Before applying for the test get the following things in order :

1 ) Passport : The most important thing and the only method of identifying you as specified by the ETS ( getting your mom to the center and making her cry and aver that you really are her son / daughter just won't cut it...)

2) Driver's license : The secondary method of identification. I have heard anecdotes about people being asked for their drivers license , however I don't know of any such persons personally. I was also not told anything about it when I contacted the ETS  (Actually Sylvan.. see below...) office in Delhi, nor was I asked for my driver's license at the test center. However I kept mine with me as a precaution and I suggest you do the same.```````

3) An international credit card : Applying for the test over the phone and making the payment by credit card is much simpler than sending the application by post. If you don't have your own credit card, try to find a relative who does. 

Only three varieties of credit cards are accepted : VISA , MasterCard, American express. You might want to phone the bank that issued the credit card to make sure that it is an INTERNATIONAL one. 
(Ask this question :Does my credit card allow me to make dollar payments in the US?)


Applying for the test :

ETS itself does not have an office in India. The GRE is conducted in proxy by Sylvan testing services , a private company based in Delhi. Registering for both the GRE and TOEFL is by contacting the Sylvan office in Delhi.

Contact info for the Sylvan office is:

Sylvan testing services,

Senior plaza,

3rd floor,

Gautam Nagar,

New Delhi - 49.

Phone no. (011) - 6511649

There are two ways you could do this:

1) By Phone (recommended) : You need an international credit card as mentioned above. Keep your passport handy ( the passport no. is asked during the registration process) and decide your choice of centers and preferred timings beforehand.

The advantage of this method is that you get an instant confirmation of your date. It is also more convenient to postpone the date of your exam ( there is no shame associated with that... I postponed my exam by 15 days myself) if you have an international credit card. Even though a confirmation letter is sent even in this case, its all right if you don't receive it in time for the exam. ( I didn't...) . Just make a proper note of the registration no. you receive  over the phone while registering. In case you forget that ( I did..) you can always call back Sylvan and ask for it again.


2) By Mail :  This can be done by credit card or by demand draft.

In case of a credit card, include the following details( in addition to your preferred date/center/ time):

Card number
Card holders name
Expiry date of the card
Bank by whom the card is issued


In case of a demand draft:

Payable to : ETS - GRE 
Amount : $125           PAYABLE IN DOLLARS IN THE US.

The problem in this case is that the confirmation arrives very late ( it is dispatched from Delhi 1 week after the receipt of your letter) and adjustment of dates if the dates/times you have specified are not available could be a problem.


Test timings :

There are three time slots. The reporting time is 1 hour before the start of the actual test:

Morning : 



Choosing a time slot is purely a matter of personal preference. However the morning slots tend to be preferred by many. If you are thinking   about giving the test in the morning , you would do well to register well in advance.

Test Centers:

There are two centers in Mumbai:

1) Sakinaka : near Powai

2) USEFI : Churchgate.

I strongly advise that those people taking their test at the Sakinaka centre visit it themselves at least once before they give the exam , since it is difficult to find the place.