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There is a high level of frustration amongst us - the so-called doctors of the new millenium - due to the limited number of seats available for post graduation in India, the high proportion of reservation of seats - even at this level of education - & the perpetually changing rules of the university, or, should I say MUHS, which is still struggling to find its feet & recognition by the MCI.


It is natural, therefore, that more & more of us are regretting to have joined this field. We painfully remember the day when we turned down an engineering seat for  medicine, not knowing at all what perils lay ahead of us. Many of us are planning to give or have given the GRE/USMLE & are finding ways & means to leave the country or searching newer & more rewarding non-medical avenues available after M.B.,B.S..

It is heartening therefore to know that the IITs which are the premiere institutes in India & also the world have come out with very lucrative courses for M.B.,B.S. graduates which have a very promising future. So we don't have to look far beyond our nation's borders for good career options - as we have our very own IITs which are as good as or even better maybe than any univ. in the USofA.

IIT Kharagpur, the no.1 IIT in India has started for the first time MASTER'S PROGRAMME IN MEDICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.



About the Institute:

Established :
1951    * Oldest and largest of among all the IITs

Stats  (In terms of Numbers per year)

   Phds    100
   M techs    450
   B Techs    500


West Bengal.