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Job Prospects


About Chetan Wasekar:

Chetan is amongst the most friendly persons I have been accquainted with. Altough he is very good at clinical medicine, I always remember thinking he was not too satisfied with it. It was as if he wanted to do something more.

Chetan, as far as I can remember, was always good at computers, and was the person who introduced me to programming in the first place, and although I seem to have gotten better at HTML, I still ask for his advice when I have some madcap plan like the KUPPP project, for which he has agreed to contribute his SQL / Access skills.

Talk about the job being made for the man and the man being made for the job! Chetan gave his GRE recently and is thinking of applying for medical informatics or Bio-informatics (the two are different... :) ) in the US. I personally think he is going to have a blast combiming what he loves best : Medicine and computers. The best of luck to you, friend!

Be sure to check out "The Spouse predictor" & the prank "Hard disk format" software made by Chetan in the "Software" section. ( Note : the software will be posted shortly)

To know more about Chetan, please click here.