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The Most Interesting Sites:

1) Brain connection :
Rating : 5/5

 This site provides access to information about many discoveries that are being made in areas that relate to human brain development, including learning, memory and aging, as well as illness, injury and disorders of the brain. is an online source, dedicated to furthering the knowledge of parents, educators, students or the curious visitor.
Includes sections like "Why we forget" and "Studies showing how ecstasy can damage the brain" ( I am NOT kidding!!! This story is on the front page!).
You are especially recommended to try out the "illusions" section of the site which contains some really great illusions , along with detailed MEDICAL/scientific explanations of the same.
 ( The link for this section is on the left-hand side bar on the site.)
 Very very intresting.


Rating :5/5

 Mnemonics is a technique of improving memory. This free online searchable database of medical mnemonics is created to help students of health-related professions remember important details. Currently, a total of 264 Medical Mnemonics are available in the database. The database has a distribution network is created and maintained for students who have derived or learned some valuable mantras and wish to share their mnemonics with others. The site is geared towards providing a few take-a-break smiles along the way.

3) Gene School 99:
( 6/5 ..a must see site)

A very good site about innovations in the field of genetics, including applications of genetics in medicine (e.g the site includes an article about HOW exactly gene therapy might be carried out.. just to stimulate your curiosity, some of the tecniques involve viruses..
Very informative, very well presented and above all un-intimidating. Genetics is probably a branch all of us are going to hear a lot about in the near future. This is an useful primer.


Large Medicine Portals:
These are all extremely large sites which contain information about almost all the topics in medicine. They seek to address all the people involved in medicine from 1st year medical students to post-grads to nurses.These sites sometimes seem like little worlds of their own and you could spend a month on any one of these sites and yet not see it completely.
The competition in this category is hot and there are numerous such sites over the internet. The following are the sites which we feel are the best:


1) Medscape :
Rating : 5 /5

My personal favorite. I especially like the layout on the site. The content doesn't lag behind either. The only negative point i can think of is that the site is so HUGE that navigation can sometimes be difficult, though it is never confusing.
The site also allows its users to download articles and print them later, a facility which some of the sites listed below don't make available to their visitors.

2) Mayo clinic 
Rating :5/5

 The Mayo Clinic is an online medical information guide that provides users and patients with educational articles about diseases, explaining signs, symptoms, causes, treatments, complications, self-care, prevention, complementary and alternative medicine, the circumstances under which to see a doctor, and more

3) Discovery Health
Rating 4.5/5 

 Claiming to tell you exactly what you need to know, Discovery Health provides daily news updates on a variety of health topics: illnesses and conditions and such. Through user-friendly navigation, and comprehensive language, get a hold of your particular interests, including Fitness, Nutrition, Women's Health, conditions and much more. Answer some simple questions about yourself and your medical history, and discover how your health stacks up against standards for people just like yourself in the free Health Risk Assessment.

4) WebMD Health
Rating  4.5 /5 

Healthon/Webon is an Internet healthcare company connecting various parties in healthcare-from patient to physicians to hospitals to insurance and other healthcare organizations. User has two options for search: by disease or by topic (alternative medicine; diet and nutrition; emotional wellness...) Contains easily understandable self-care advisor, which originate from the American Institute for Preventive Medicine's Self-Care Guide, listing symptoms and ways to treat them. Includes news, diseases, med.tests, herbs&vitamins, drugs, lab.tests, interviews with experts, medical research. Drug database has 3 subdivisions: 1 Prescription drug reference-to fined a drug you can look for it under its brand or generic name. 2 PDR Family guides to over the counter drugs-lists more than 340 frequently used over the counter remedies. 3 PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicine and Healing Therapies. Information on 300 herbal remedies (kava, St.John Wort ) Provides Rush-Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center Med.Encyclopedia. Covers more than 2000 topics including disease conditions, treatments, medical terms and anatomy. On this site the Yale University School of Medicine provides Patient's Guide to Medical Tests. Excellent comprehensive description of the most common diagnostic procedures (CT, MRI, bronhoscopy, laparoscopy...) Explains how to prepare for a test, what to expect during the test and how you may feel afterward. Also explains to patient how doctor diagnoses hypertension, an infectious disease, neurologic disorders, pregnancy...

5) Medicdirect
 Rating : 4/5

“Medicdirect,” supported by leading medical consultants in the United Kingdom, is an innovative website, providing a health care information service to individual users. Making it simple for everyone, one can easily access a plethora of information from drug updates to one-on-one interactive discussions with the medical practitioners who are more than willing to assist with their best medical approach.
A good thing about the site is the easy navigation, which allows you to find the thing you need quickly. However, this site may not be as comprehensive as some of the others eg. Medscape



Alternative Medicine:
We are not alone! Although I am skeptical of ALL kinds of alternative medicine (except Ayurveda ), some people were skeptical when others said the earth was round...
We have conciously tried to locate those sites which have been written by people who are ALLOPATHIC doctors themselves, rather than the sites maintained by persons involved in these alternative fields, so as to provide you with an unbiased view of the subject.

We hope to add sites about homeopathy, ayurveda and other thoughts of medicine soon... If you know of any good sites about these subjects, kindly contact me at .

Rating : 5/5

 The site below points to a very good general purpose pain management site, with a section on acupuncture / acupressure.
Interesting for a professional or consumer. A lot of information about acupuncture, pain syndrome and pain management in the form of seminars, articles, lectures and healthcare links.


Online Text books:
Most of this textbooks can only be read on the internet i.e you cannot download them and read them later at your own leisure. Pity.. some of the books on the net are really very good, and most of them are updated regularly.

1) The Merck Manual :
The same Merck manual for general medicine that you can buy in a store, only in online format. I haven't read the book myself and hence i can't rate this link. But, from what I have heard, it is supposed to be a very good book.

2)Online textbook of Microbiology :
Rating 3/5 (We wish this book was available in downloadable format..)

 This is textbook from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Each chapter of this book is derived from lectures given to second year medical students (in the Medical Microbiology course) with links to other sites. Contains sections on Bacteriology, Immunology, Virology, Parasitology and Mycology. Many chapters are accompanied by lecture notes in pdf format and PowerPoint slide files.



Rating : 5/5 features up-to-date, peer-reviewed medical textbooks for health professionals and for the family in Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Emergencies, Consumer Treatment Guidelines, etc. The Textbooks provide medical definitions, anatomical illustrations, audio, and video. A most part of the texts from other topics are under development and have not yet been finalized. E is currently developing several electronic medical books. All medical professionals from around the world who are interested in authoring or editing one or more chapters, are welcome to write textbooks online quickly. and efficiently.
The site contains new case studies almost everyday , which involve solving an emergency with only Xrays, only ECGs etc.. interesting.