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Free ECG practice sofware:

This software is extremely useful and contains 60+ ECGs in question and answer format. The questions/answers are concise and to the point.Click on the ECG on the left to go to the "Downloads" section of the site, from where you can download the two sets of ECGs, with 30 ECGs in each.


Click here for the latest and most correct list of Scholarships available for Indian students intending to study abroad. The current version is 2.0. To save the file, right click on the image and select "save file as".

Click on the picture on the left to read Nihil Patkar's description of the biomedical engineering course offered at IIT-Kharagppur.Other sections already online in the "Careers" section are GRE , USMLE & Bioinformatics.

Bio-Armageddon : The impending plagues:

This fortnight, we take a look at biological warfare and biological terrorism, a subject which has not recieved the attention it deserves, just because nothing of this sort has ever happened.

The WTC bombings have proven that spectacularly horrendous things do happen. Do we need a small pox pandemic to take this impending disaster seriously?

Written by : Oncogen

KUPPP : Proposal for a charitable Co-operative project:

As of now, this is only an idea. However if YOU are willing to contribute, this could be one spectacular achievement.
The project aims to achieve an unlimited supply of tests for the PG-CET exam. Web based access to this exam shall be free, but if the project is completed, the resulting CDs could be sold with the profits going in full to the poor patients fund in KEM.

How can YOU contribute? This project has NOT been put online yet. A large number of contributors would be required for building the database, and we think it is better to launch the thing when (and if) we have such contributors.
Please click on the image to view more details, and to take a online test right now with the small number of questions that we have so far entered into the database.

Poll :

Please tell us what you think of the KUPPP idea. If you don't like it, tell us. If you like it, tell us.
We NEED some feedback.
Please be sure to post any suggestions / criticism about the idea on the messageboard too.

Stem Cell Research Ethics
Roopa Nishi covers the basics and the ethics of stem cell research.

Roopa certainly has written an excellent article. In the end, research in stem cells boils down to two questions: Are the risks worth the benifits? And do the ends justify the means?
Please click on the image to read the full review.

Image : Magic bullet or Pandora's box?.

Hiking !
As promised, the next article on hiking is online this fortnight.

This fortnight, Rohit reviews the comparatively easy but very rewarding Peth Fort hike. Have a look at the article, if for nothing else than to have a look at the map. I think Rohit would have done very well as a cartographer had he not been a doctor...
Please click on the image to read the full review.

Image : The Map drawn by Rohit.

Medicine resources online :
Online atlas of pathology :

Last week, we had provided links to two online atlases, one of dermatology and the other of Histology. The histology atlas was mainly concerned with normal histology. 
The current link is to a comprehensive online atlas of Pathology. The images are top notch and the site is completely free.
Click on the image to go to the site.
Image: Alcoholic Hepatitis.Notice the fatty changes in the cells. A much more clearer image is available on the site.

Brain Connection

This site provides access to information about many discoveries that are being made in areas that relate to human brain development, including learning, memory and aging, as well as illness, injury and disorders of the brain.
You are especially recommended to try out the "illusions" section of the site which contains some really great illusions , along with detailed MEDICAL/scientific explanations of the same.
Image: Diagram illustrating "phase shift", a phenomenon which helps in localization of sound, especially at low frequencies.

Other Interesting links :

Relation between constipation and Alzheimer's
Didn't we mention last time (in the Alzheimer's vaccine article) that people who didn't drink alcohol were more likely to develop Alzheimer's? Well, here is one more association that is even MORE confounding... Constipated people are more likely to have Alzheimer's!!!

Artificial regeneration of brain cells after death :
Necessity is the mother of invention ... or so they say. But if someone didn't allow you to harvest stem cells, would you turn to cadaver brains for help?

none. :).