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The Atypical Mechanic:

A gynecologist decides he has had too much of his practice, and decides to switch careers. He decides to take up a career that is as unlike his own as can be. Finally, he decides to become an auto mechanic.

After the required 1 year of training, the guy is understandably nervous about the exams. As his final test he is asked to reassemble a completely disassembled engine on his own. He tries desperately, and finally more through luck than due to his skill, he manages to put the engine back together.

The doctor is still shaking in his boots when he arrives that evening to collect his results. The head mechanic at the institution says " Congrats doc! You've scored 200 marks" .The doctor is stunned "200?!? Wasn't the test worth 100 marks???"

The mechanic replies " Well... yeah doctor ..that's kind of true. You see after you put the engine back together, the car started running like a ferrari. Thats why you get full marks"

"Well.. that accounts for only the first 100. What about the other 100?"

The mechanic replies " That's for doing everything through the exhaust pipe..."