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Starting this fortnight, we have decided to make all the material on kemates available for download and offline reading. Thus for example, you will be able to download Roopa Nishi's article on Stem cells or the entire Hiking section by Rohit Divekar, along with the pictures, and read them later at your own leisure.

The file sizes are surprisingly small and it takes very little time (2-3 minutes) to download the articles. However, since this article is large (It contains around 60 photos), it will take you around 6 min to download the whole thing.

Click here to download this entire article :   
(This feature is not online yet. Send us your email address at and we will Email you the article as soon as we can.)


I most certainly know what you are thinking.. who wants to read about the past anyway? But as someone rightly said, "Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them in the future"

Perhaps more importantly at the present moment, the history of biological warfare is very interesting. e.g. Did you know that the white American colonists distributed smallpox infected blankets among Red Indians in an effort to quickly decimate their population?

The Tools of Terror:

This part of the article (which is quite large) takes a look at the microorganisms which are known to have been "weaponised" or are likely to be. The section includes photos of what these germs can cause. Some of these, for example in the smallpox article are quite disturbing.


Satan's Messengers:

Now that you have selected your tool of choice, It's time to kill your innocent fellow human beings! However, for doing that, you have to transport your microorganisms to the site of the attack , which is what this section is all about.

Also details the possible routes that your friendly neighborhood bioterrorist might use to spread these germs in the community.


The Rogue Countries:

The information on how biological research was being carried out in the US and USSR is, unexpectedly so, very comprehensive. The Iraqi program, too, has little more than a shred to protect it's secrecy, being brought out into the open by repeated UN inspections after the Gulf war.

Perhaps India is involved too... Did you know there was an institute in Gwalior that conducts research into biological warfare?
Includes photos of top-secret facilities in Russia, the US and Iraq which have recently been made public.

Relevant News articles :

If all of this is as serious as I am making it out to be, why hasn't it been in the news already? ALL of it has been. The UN after the WTC attacks in New York issued a notice to all member states warning them of biological attacks and advising them to take necessary precautions. A few days earlier, the UN secretary general Kofi Annan in a widely publicized speech warned member countries of exactly the same thing.
This section also contains some old news articles e.g. about British troops being intentionally exposed to bioagents by their own scientists and about the Sverdlosk incident in Russia.

Free Reading material:

I have posted some of the material that I have read to write this article for download in this section. The file entitled "The Bioweaponeers" is recommended if you still have any doubts regarding the very real danger of such weapons.

The section also includes a short list of interesting books related to virology or biological warfare.


If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to make additions or corrections to this article, please email :