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Click on any microorganism below, or click on the upward pointing arrow to go to the Main page of the article.



"A biological weapon can be more effective, pound for pound, than the hydrogen bomb."

- Richard Preston

Please click on any one of the images above to view the details of that bioagent. I think Botx is particularly fascinating.

Although almost any type of microorganism can be made "useful" as far as offensive use is concerned, there are some e.g. SmallPox that have clear and unbeatable advantages over the others as weapons of mass destruction. Hence, it is on these microorganisms that we focus our attention.

Note : Those small cute graphs beside each microorganism are my very own addition. Although I have read a bit about simulations involving biological weapons and am a doctor, I am no weapon scientist. Hence, it is more than likely that the graphs are way off the mark, especially since no one knows what the exact modifications made to these microorganisms are.