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Lassete (Producer : Cell Robotics Inc. )

( A device for obtaining capillary blood without the need for lancets/needles )
(For a bigger picture, click on the image)


Principles of Operation :
(Note : The following article has been reproduced with permission from the Cell Robotics website. We at view some  of these claims (e.g. "many" people reporting less pain with the lassete) with skepticism.

The Cell Robotics Lasette is based upon the use of a single pulse of laser light which ablates a tiny hole through the upper layers of the skin. This exposes the capillary blood vessels so that a blood sample can be taken and used with conventional analysis equipment. The use of laser light, as opposed to stainless steel, reduces tissue trauma and eliminates medical sharps as a potential source of cross contamination.

Many patients report feeling less pain resulting from use of the Lasette as compared to traditional lancet devices.

Laser skin ablation, employing much greater exposures to laser light, has been used in surgical procedures for several years. The laser energy used by the Lasette has unique properties that produces a small hole without heating collateral tissue or cauterizing the delicate capillary vessels. The Lasette features adjustable energy settings which are used to compensate for the different thicknesses of human skin. Higher settings may be used for patients with heavy callouses. Lower settings may be used for patients with thin or tender skin.

The pulse of laser light produced by the Lasette vaporizes skin tissue in less than half a millisecond. The blood and skin which are not in the laser beam path are not affected by the laser energy. The Lasette beam produces a neat, tiny perforation, with about the same diameter as the smallest conventional lancet shafts. By applying a slight pressure, blood is pushed into the wound and out onto the surface of the skin.  

Conventional lancets requires the insertion of a stainless steel blade or needle beneath the skin surface. Dead and dying skin tissue left within a lancet wound can cause local inflammation which may result in persistent residual pain.

Cost :
By this time you are probably enamored enough by this product to think seriously about buying it. Take out your wallets/ checkbooks / credit cards and be prepared to pay :


(in US dollars)

(in Indian rupees)

Lassete for personal Use

$ 995

 Rs. 46, 675 (haha)


Links:  :   The website of the manufacturers of the Lassete. Visit this site for more information regarding the product.   :     The website of the "National Alliance for Prevention os Sharp Injuries" . Although it is mainly a business oriented site, be sure to see the "Featured technologies" section at the site.   :    This comprehensive site provides information regarding other needle free technologies (eg. safer IV sets and vaccination instruments).