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New Immunological test for the diagnosis of malaria :

Principle of the test:

The ICT Malaria P.f. is an in-vitro immunodiagnostics test for the detection of circulating Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein-2 (Pf HRP-2) 1,2 in whole blood. The test uses two antibodies specific for P.f. HRP-2 antigen. One of the antibodies is attached to visible colloidal gold and impregnated into a sample pad, while the second antibody is immobilised as a line across the test strip. Approximately 10 ÁL of whole blood is added to the sample pad where lysis occurs and PF HRP-2 antigen, if present, binds to the colloidal gold labelled antibody. When Reagent A is added to the sample pad, blood and labelled antibody migrate up the test strip crossing the second antibody line. In a positive sample, Pf HRP-2 complexed with the gold-labelled antibody is captured by the antibody on the membrane and a pink line forms. In a negative sample, no pink line forms.



Test Procedure:

1. Add Sample
Open the test card and lay it flat on the surface
Add 10ÁL of blood onto the pink pad

2. Add Reagent
Add Reagent A where indicated and allow blood to migrate up the test strip

3. Read Results
Close test card and read results through window




Results :



Additional information:



1)     The ICT Malaria P.f. test will diagnose a positive infection 2 - 3 days after contracting the disease.


2)    The ICT Malaria P.f. test is recognized and recommended by the World Health Organisation and has also been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America.


3)    The ICT Malaria P.f. test takes about 10 minutes to perform, from start to end result. Sterile lancets, alcohol swabs and capillary tubes are provided with the tests and reagent in the kit of 5.


4)    For ultimate shelf life, the ICT Malaria P.f. test should be stored at 2 - 8 degrees. The test will perform at higher temperatures as long as they are not exposed to direct heat or sunlight. The test should also not be performed in the near vicinity of a fan as this cool dry out the test strip.

Current shelf life is in the region of 8 - 1 0 months. New generation test will have a shelf life of 24 months and storage of 4 - 30 degrees.


5)    A New test that has just been released is the ICT Malaria P.f. / P.v. test.

This test shall diagnose  non - specifically, i.e. it will give a single test line, for 3 further malaria's being Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium vivax and/or Plasmodium malariae. Should all possible lines on the card be present in this test, then it is recommended and suggested that the Plasmodium falciparum malaria be treated as first line, as this is still the most dangerous form of malaria.