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The Israeli Program :

Nothing is known. However, a few years back there was a rumor in the English speaking world that the Israelis were developing a bioweapon that would specifically affect only Arabs, thus creating a sort of "Ethnic Bomb".

This sort of thing is possible, and depends upon the same sort of principles as the cancer vaccines (See the article on the TERT vaccine in the Archives section of the site). That is, an antigen which is present only on the cells to be targeted is present is chosen as the site of attachment of the virus. People who do not possess this antigen on their cells will not be affected by the bioweapon.
Although theoretically possible, this approach would be horrendously complicated to put into practice.




The Pakistani, Indian, Libyan, Syrian, Chinese and Iranian programs :

*Nothing* whatsoever is known about these programs. However, it is widely believed by most authorities that the Indian program is mainly defensive in nature while the Pakistani program does have offensive elements. ( And no, I am not saying this just because I am an Indian myself :) )

The Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) at Gwalior is the primary establishment in India for research into biological warfare. The research here is believed to be only defensive in nature. Reportedly, the work  in progress includes preparing responses to threats like Anthrax, Brucellosis, cholera and plague, viral threats like smallpox and viral haemorrhage fever and bio-toxic threats like botulism. Researchers have developed chemical/biological protective gear, including masks, suits, detectors and suitable drugs. 

Image: The person who is entrusted with protecting Indians from the bioterrorists : Director of the DRDE since 1991, Dr. R. V. Swamy.

However, In the recent Kargil war, India was accused in some quarters of having considered using bioweapons against the intruders. Most of these accusations came from Pakistani sources. The veracity of these reports, therefore, cannot be taken for granted. Not because the Pakistan press has a propensity to lie, but because War is War, and there is only one situation other than love in which all means are fair.




  Kargil: Was there more to it then met the eye? Maybe...Probably not.


The following is an excerpt from an editorial in "The Dawn", Pakistan's leading newspaper :

India has embarked upon a major nuclear and biological weapons development programme. It is making concerted efforts to improve her nuclear capabilities and arsenal to counter China and Pakistan. According to US Pacific Command (USPACOM), India is capable of manufacturing complete sets of plutonium-based nuclear weapons and can deploy a few weapons within a few days via fighter-bomber aircraft. India has also ballistic missiles that are capable of delivering a nuclear payload in the future.

According to the report of USPACOM, India also has a well-developed indigenous chemical process industry that is capable of providing pre-cursors for a broad range of chemical warfare. Some of India's biological and pharmaceutical production facilities as well as bio-containment facilities for research on dangerous pathogens are being used to conduct biological warfare defence research. The presence, therefore, of chemical and biological weapons in the Indian arsenal cannot be ruled out.