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About Dhruv Kazi : 
Dhruv is, frankly speaking, one of the most intelligent persons I have been acquainted with. His academic record has been impeccable and he topped it all off by getting a score of 99th percentile in his USMLE exam. 
He is however (and quite atypically if you consider the other GS bookworms) a warm and friendly chap. He personally requested me to put his email address on this page so that anyone with any problems (USMLE related of course...) could contact him. If you are interested in knowing more about the USMLE , require some specific advice or have something nice to say (for that matter even if you have something very bad to say..) about this section of the site, feel free to contact him at :

To know more about a particular aspect of the exam, kindly click the corresponding link on the left.
To know more about Dhruv Kazi, mail him at his Email address. Please do not email me for an introduction and/or a marriage proposal.