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How can I contribute?

The database, as we already mentioned, needs to be updated by the users so that it grows large and fat.

Once the project is launched, the ContributeToTheDatabase application shall be made available for download from You will have to download and install the program on your own computer.

The entire process shall be extremely simple, and will require no programming experience whatsoever.

Once you run the program, you will be greeted with the following window:

As you can see, the program will have a very simple interface. All the fields are self-explanatory.



How will the Questions I enter be transferred to the main database on the site???

As you enter the questions, a much smaller database of the questions that you enter shall be created on your own computer.

This shall be in the form of a file on your computer. You then email this file (which by the way will be very small) to us, and we shall include it in the main database, thus making the main database bigger.



Do I get any credit for the Questions I add to the database?

Each time a Question that you have added to the database is selected in a test, your name shall be displayed at the bottom, like in the example below:


Where is the foramen of magnum located?

-Submitted by: Danny Bacchan


If you are enthusiastic about the project, or even if you are unsure about it, please enter your email below. We will send you a mail to ask you a few questions about the project. Please do reply to it promptly:


EMail :

In addition, please show your enthusiasm (or lack of it..) by voting on this fortnight's poll on the main page.