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A particularly generous individual might call us "Script kiddies". If you know what that sentence means, boy do we want to know you!!!

If you have any knowledge (any whatsoever) in the following, please contact us ( / / )

Visual Basic
Database programming (Access/SQL)

The present iteration of the quiz on the website has been coded in Javascript, much of which has been borrowed. I am currently coding some Javascript of my own, but am having difficulty handling a two-dimensional array I have specified. To have a look at the code, please contact me ( ) .I would be very grateful if you identify where the fault is.


Eventually, the following languages/databases will probably be used:

1) For the Quiz Program and ContributeToTheDatabase program:

2) For the database:

Access (since it is so easy to publish on the web and to include along with the Vbasic installation file. If you feel SQL would be better, please contact us.)

3) For the webbased Quiz :
Javascript : easy fast and compatible. Right now, the database for the Questions and answers is in the form of a javascript array.
Once the program matures, an access database shall be used, with random JavaScript queries for selecting the questions.

I will probably do the javascript coding, while chetan will handle most of the visual basic and database parts.

Please let us know if you think you can help us, especially with the databases. No harm in trying to... :).