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How the test works :

There are three components that you should know of:

*The Database, 
*The Quiz Program, & 
*The ContributeToTheDatabase program.

Have a look at the diagram to see how it works:

1) Database :
Simply put this is a collection of questions and answers. These questions and answers are chosen at random by the quiz program (see below) so that the Practice Tests are NEVER repeated.
A lot of questions and answers (from subjects of all years) need to be added to the database so that a new set can be chosen each time the test is taken.

In short, the bigger the database, the better the results.



2) The Quiz program: 
The database is just a collection of Questions and answers. It doesn't do anything on its own. 
To do that, we need a computer program which can choose the questions at random from the database, accept the answers given by the student, and score the test. This is done by the quiz program.
As you might have guessed, once the quiz program is made, there is no need to update it again and again. The quiz program shall be written by Chetan/Me and shall be distributed along with the database.

In short, the Quiz program is not worth worrying much about. It is just the "interface" part of the whole thing.



3) The ContributeToTheDatabase Program:
Ahh.. didn't we tell you we cant do this on our own, well... this is where the community work comes in.
In order to build a large enough database of questions, a large number of contibutors will be needed. The ContributeToTheDatabase Program makes it easy for individual users to update the "Mother Database" on the site. This process will be extremely simple, as you will see in the following sections.

In short, the ContributeToTheDatabase program shall provide an easy and non-technical way for KEMites to update the database.

The efforts of the contributors shall be co-ordinated, so that there is no duplication of work.

Therefore, the full working of the KUPPP project can be described by the following diagram: